About the Gallery

We opened our gallery in June 2012 and have produced exhibitions in Bushwick, Williamsburg, Düsseldorf, and at our present location in Park Slope.

Gallery hours are Saturdays and Sundays from 1PM to 6PM.

In addition to our exhibition schedule, we run educational and archival programs.

Below are some highlights of past events.

Thank you for visiting.

— Ethan Pettit

Celebrating two years of Thangka Classes with Sonam Rinzin, September 2016

Spring Salon, May-June 2016, our springtime wrap-up featuring all gallery artists, and introducing new artists Tracia Burton, Rafael Gomez LunaPatricia Fabricant, Chris Fiore, and the launch of our online store
Rafael Gomez Luna, Should I, oil on canvas 2016

Morphopolis, October-December 2015, a solo show by Robert Egert (above) with guest artists Chris Fiore and Tobias Tak. A highlight of the show was the film night, which featured work by Fiore, as well as the premier of Eva Schicker's Highliner (above) 

Full House East, our long-running group show from late August through October 2014, is a two-city project in conjunction with Full House West, which was launched in July by David Rich and Paulette-Myers Rich in St Paul MN

Deportraiture features recent paintings and drawings by Barbara Friedman. The show runs from April 20 to June 29, 2014. Top: Barbara Friedman and Ethan Pettit. Above: opening night.

Video highlights of 2013 from our YouTube channel.

Move in Freedom featured the work of Mari Oshima (above, with friends), Alkemikal Soshu, and Eva Schicker. January — March 2014.

Todd Bienvenu Spitfire, oil on canvas, 48 x 40.25 in. 2013

David Rich, installation view, April 2013

The Chemical Landscape, paintings by Jan Holthoff, opened in October 2012 at the Bushwick location.

Wackadoodle Sept 2012. A group show of gallery artists. Video by Eva Schicker (visit our YouTube Channel) and a conté drawing by Robert Egert, who came up with the title for this show.

Inaugural Show, June 2012. The gallery opens on the weekend of Bushwick Open Studios. Ethan displays a copy of “The Nose” from 1990.Henry G. Sanchez, Planes Over Bushwick, 2012, video installation. Photos by Paul Behnke.

3-Day Stand May 2011. This double show in Düsseldorf (top) and Bushwick predates the founding of the gallery, but it was the inspiration for it. Konstantin Lange performs with a giant necktie in the Bushwick segment, which took place in the gallery at Brooklyn Fire Proof.