Mari Oshima

Longitude Installation, paper, steel 2007

Mari Oshima's ephemeral paper structures belie the monumental place they occupy in the post-industrial imagination of the borough.

— from the press release for Move In Freedom, October 2013

In the late 80s and early 90s Brooklyn artists opened a new frontier in environmental art and "immersive culture." Mari Oshima worked from Carroll Gardens, at a sober distance from the collectives in Williamsburg where this movement was most in evidence. But Oshima is without question an originator of immersive and environmental art at this time. Her work bears comparison with other Brooklyn Immersionists such as Lauren Szold and Dennis Del Zotto.

— Ethan Pettit, 3 December 2014

artist's website
Move In Freedom, October 2013
news release, June 2012 
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Wild Grapes Installation, paper, steel 2007

River Between I paper 2011

Unlimited detail
included in our Inaugural Show in 2012
photo by Paul Behnke
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Unlimited paper 2011—2013
Installation at Move in Freedom, 2013