August 28, 2012

Wackadoodle !!!


September 7 — October 14, 2012

Opening Reception — Friday, September 7 — 7PM-11PM

Ken Butler • Robert Egert • Jan Holthoff • Gili Levy • Henry G. Sanchez
Eva Schicker • Alkemikal Soshu

We are proud and thrilled to launch our second show since our gallery opened in June of this year. Wackadoodle brings together an interesting cross-section of our gallery artists. As the title of the show suggests, each artist is encouraged to kick-out and be playful. We have been very happy with the level of work of our artists. And on this our second show, we have still not found a need to impose a theme or a curatorial agenda. Going as we are, perhaps, on the theory that if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

• Ken Butler brings us his superb hybrid instruments. A pioneer of Williamsburg art and a veteran of the downtown music scene, Butler is the newest member of our gallery and we are immensely honored to have him aboard. His accomplishments are vast, and among them is the distinction of being probably the only artist in the world to have had simultaneous shows at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Museum.

• Robert Egert has devised a language of art that takes in currents of thought that run through conceptual art, non-objective painting, and information and language theory. His work provides a key to many intersections of art and theory in northern Brooklyn over the years.

• Jan Holthoff is a leading young painter in the exciting development that has been taking place in Germany at the confluence of Romantic landscape and materiality of surface. Holthoff will be having a solo show at the gallery in October. His canvases are generally large, and they amount to comprehensive experiences of landscape like no other.

• Gili Levy is our premier Bushwick abstractionist. In fact, she has been guiding us in this area, and will likely be curating shows at the gallery dealing with the Bushwick painting scene in particular. Levy is an uncompromising painter, and her career is entwined with the intense community of young painters in Bushwick today, making her a crucial member of our gallery and our discourse.

• Henry G. Sanchez presents a three-monitor video installation entitled “Henry, Stop!” Each monitor displays one-minute clips through his l’amour obsessions with women, historicity, and cognitive experience. Sanchez is also a Bushwick artist, a veteran of the Newark art scene and its stormy politics, and a provocative video and digital artist.

• Eva Schicker makes drawings whose levity and reverie belie their intellectualism. Her drawings occur in a place between conventional narrative space and a surface pattern drawing associated with conceptual art and language. At this show, we will be introducing limited edition etchings by Schicker, a production of our newly established editions department.

• Alkemikal Sohsu is a protean force of painting out of Katmandu, Nepal, where he lives and works. His boldly colorful canvases are essentially topographies or cross-sections of realms of thought, packed like circuit boards, full of caustic wit and observation, these canvases and drawings fairly hum! And we will have many in this show.

For this show, our gallery will be a site for Citydrift, a replicable meta-event qua group installation/art discourse organized by the Bogart Salon. The "drift" starts at 9PM on opening night.