March 8, 2016

Our Spring Salon Is Here

Rafael Gomez Luna, pasture, 2015, detail

The Spring Salon is our group show of all the artists in the gallery, as well as work from our Saturday classes. It is our big chill-out, or thaw, as the case may be, before the autumn season. It is our time to take the measure of the art we've got, and plan for the coming year. Exhibits will rotate to some extent, and there will be several events (to be announced) around the Salon between now and the summer. Do come by, we are open every weekend. This is a great chance to see a lot of wonderful work in a casual and discursive environment.

See the exhibition page for more details.

December 31, 2015

November 27, 2015

Robert Egert Closing Party Dec 19th

Robert Egert  Short Palindromic Repetitions
oil on canvas  24" x 30"  2015

We are elated to have been able to place four works from Robert Egert's solo show morphopolis into private collections on both coasts. One of these collections is our own, into which comes this gem of a painting that we just had to have. December 19th will be our closing party, and we hope you will join us to celebrate this wonderful show, before it breaks up and scatters hither and yon. The party is from 7 to 10 pm, December 19. Directions are here. – Ethan