May 1, 2013

Jan Holthoff to Receive Douglas Swan Art Award

Jan Holthoff. No. 2. pigment, acrylic on canvas (2013)
From the Frozen Gestures series

Jan Holthoff will be awarded the prestigious Douglas Swan Art Award in a ceremony to be held in Bonn, Germany in October this year. Our heartfelt congratulations go out to Jan. 

Presently, Holthoff has embarked on a new series of paintings called Frozen Gestures. Please take a look. These are risky new paintings. They are still rooted in a concourse with landscape that has put Jan on the map in Germany in the past ten years. But the frozen gestures series brings his approach to a whole new level, and closer to the discourse of "abstraction" that vexes the Bushwick art scene. These canvases come straight from the scene of the crime!