May 8, 2016

Immersionism Book Underway

Ebon Fisher and Ilene Zori Magaras are the editors of an upcoming book about the Immersionist movement in Brooklyn in the 1990s, it's influences and outcomes. The book will be replete with photographs from the era, and writing by key Immersionists.

Immersionism is the jewel in the crown of the 90s New York underground. It is the de facto subculture of that time and place and helped give rise to Brooklyn's current creativity. It overlapped the art world, to be sure, but it also overlapped the tribes, the digerati, the body anarchists and a great many very young adults from around the tri-state and beyond, who "got it" and were actually cool, curious, and risk-taking. And with the abundance of cheap industrial space in northern Brooklyn, a perfect storm was born. The abundance of fallow space is the salient of underground culture in Brooklyn in the 90s.

Ebon Fisher was among the dozen or so instigators of this extraordinary, inventive passage, and he is likely the movement's most articulate theorist. Ebon, along with his co-editor Ilene Zori Magaras, has been generous and thorough about identifying the players and influences in this North Brooklyn movement.