Spring Salon

Group Show of Gallery Artists
March 5 – July 2, 2016
Ongoing events to be announced

Rafael Gomez Luna, Should I, oil on canvas, 2016

Tracia Burton, Billy Holiday, stencil 2016

Chris Fiore, Mistress 45, photomontage print edition, 1986

facebook album of the show

Todd Bienvenu
Tracia Burton
Ken Butler
Robert Egert
Patricia Fabricant
Chris Fiore
Barbara Friedman
Rafael Fuchs
Jan Holthoff
Richard Humann
Konstantin Lange
Gili Levy
Rafael Gomez Luna
Mari Oshima
David Rich
Sonam Rinzin
Eva Schicker
Alkemikal Soshu
Patrick Todd
The Thangka Atelier

Patricia Fabricant, gouache, 2015

With this Salon our gallery will enter its fifth year. And we will have produced 11 shows, 6 catalogs, 7 short films and broadcasts, and a dozen gatherings, readings, and events of various kinds. We maintain copious archives on local art and bohemian history. Our classes in Tibetan art have been holding steady for two years, every week.

The Spring Salon is a group show of all the artists in the gallery, as well as work from our Saturday classes. So naturally, exhibits will rotate to some extent. And there will be several events (to be announced) around the Salon between now and the summer.

This show is our long chill-out, or thaw, as the case may be. It is our chance to take the measure of the artists and the work we have, and to plan for the coming year. With this show we take pride in welcoming five new artists — Tracia Burton, Patricia Fabricant, Chris Fiore, Rafael Gomez Luna, and Patrick Todd. We also now have an online store!

We are open every weekend, and you should come by. It will be a good chance to see a lot of wonderful work in a casual and discursive environment.

Ethan Pettit 3/8/16

Rafael Gomez Luna, Pasture
oil pastel on board, 10 x 8 in. 2015-16