New Paintings by Robert Egert
October 3 – December 19, 2015
Reception: Saturday, October 3, 7-9:30pm

Robert Egert: Beeding hearts and distraught souls cannot prevail
against economic policies designed by non-human constructs
oil on canvas 2015

Oct 3 • 7–9:30 PM
Opening Night with a performance by (NOS)
— a genre-fluid mental health tribute band

Nov 14 • 8:30–10 PM
Film Night with Eva Schicker and Chris Fiore

Dec 19 • 7–10 PM
Closing Party

Catalog essay by Laura J. Padgett
with an afterword by Ethan Pettit

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(NOS) performs on opening night
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Ideogram and Morphism, 2012 
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Perhaps we could call Robert Egert’s painting contemporary action painting, however not the kind of action painting by which the body directs the artist’s movements and marks made on the canvas. In Egert’s paintings the gesture is removed from the maker, it becomes a kind of meditative, autonomous painting, a kind of painting that is more related to the European tachisme than American action painting. The German "informel" artist Bernhard Schultze comes to mind with his figures wavering between human and animal forms. 

– Laura J. Padgett (from the catalog essay)

A new body of work by Robert Egert is generally an eagerly-awaited and well-attended event. For that reason we are fortunate to have this artist on board at the gallery. In fact, it's fair to say this gallery is itself the outcome of a history and a conversation that Robert Egert himself started. He has roots, he has reach, people go to his shows.

Robert Egert has tended to work in distinct phases, changing his style and mode of production, and bringing the full force of his thought and enterprise to bear upon focused projects. And there are consistent themes and strategies that run through his career. His tendency, for example, to account for the canvas and the mode of presentation in self-reflexive and jarring ways, is evident in his early paintings from the East Village, as it is in later work that we have featured and written about here at the gallery. Robert's career runs the gamut of the East Village, Williamsburg, a bit of Bushwick, and a good stretch of the artistic diaspora of the Hudson Valley.

(NOS) performs on opening night

Eva Schicker's Highliner

For this show, the band N.O.S. will perform on opening night, and in November we'll have a film night featuring work by Eva Schicker and Chris Fiore. A catalog is available in print and as a download, with a featured essay by Laura Padgett. And we'll wrap with a closing party at the end of December. Plenty of events, plenty of reason to come and see an awesome show! As ever, we are open every weekend.

— Ethan

Robert Egert
Chris Fiore (foreground)