Sonam Rinzin

Yanchenma, brushed ink on paper, 29 x 32 in. 2014

Sonam Rinzin joined our gallery in 2014 as a represented artist. Sonam is a classically trained painter in the Tibetan Thangka style. He studied painting for over 12 years in Kathmandu, Nepal, and in his own region of Mustang, which is a culturally Tibetan part of Nepal.

Sonam has received numerous mural and painting commissions in Nepal and New York City. His painting Four-Arm Cherzig (below) is the largest Thangka painting in Mustang, measuring 10 by 5.5 feet. The painting is widely admired for its narrative complexity, beauty of execution, and detailed drawing. The Yanchenma (above) is on view at our gallery. Sonam is also an accomplished musician. He lives and works in Brooklyn.

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Four-Arm Cberzig, 10 x 5.5 ft. in Mustang, Nepal